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Tajikistan is a newly-independent republic on the southern tip of Former Soviet Central Asia. Beautiful and remote, Tajikistan has much to offer to the mountaineer, the hiker and the independent traveller in search of remote locations and unusual cultural experiences. There are opportunities for alpine mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, horse or camel riding, historical exploration, cultural experiences or simply relaxing among dramatic mountains and lakes.

Most enticing for the mountaineer are the three giants of the Pamirs: Peak Somoni, Peak Lenin and Peak Korzhenevskaya. For alpine climbing, high level walking tours and lakeland scenery the Fann mountains, just across the border from Samarkand, are especially popular.

The populated valleys have a rich history. In former times, Tajikistan was at the crossroads of Asia and four major Silk Road routes passed through the Pamir and Fann mountains. There is evidence of the Sogdian (Zoroastrian) civilisation, as well as Buddhist, Hindu and Christian remains. More recently, the country's Islamic history has produced some fine examples of Central Asian Islamic art and architecture. And of course the Soviet period of the 20th century has left its mark in architecture, art such as the huge statue of Lenin overlooking the city of Khujand, and engineering achievements like Nurek Hydroelectric Dam (the tallest artificial dam in the world).

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