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About Tajikistan

Area: 143,100 sq. km (55,800 sq. miles)
Population: 6.1 million
Government type: Republic
Capital: Dushanbe (pop. 536,100)
President: Imomali Rakhmonov

Tajikistan is a small republic in Central Asia, bordering Uzbekistan, Kirghizstan, China and Afghanistan. The 1,200 km (740 mile) border with Afghanistan is demarked by the river Panj and the Amu Daryo, better known as the Oxus.

Most of Tajikistan's land area is mountainous, ranging from the Fann Mountains in the west to the rocky heights of the Pamirs in the eastern region of Badakhshan. The highest mountain is Peak Somoni (Samanid) at 7,495 m (23,400 ft). Until recently known as Peak Communism, this giant of the Pamirs was renamed in 1999 as part of the celebrations for the 1100th anniversary of the Samanid State.

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