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Adventure on the Roof of the World [Atlas Silk]

Arrival Formalities

Whether you arrive at the airport or at a land border, you will need to clear immigration and customs.

Clearing immigration is usually a straightforward procedure: present your passport to the receiving officer; he or she will write down your passport and visa no. and stamp your passport with your date of entry. (If you are arriving at Dushanbe airport without a visa, make sure that you get one from the consular office before clearing immigration. See the section on applying for your visa for details).

Clearing customs is usually not any more complicated, but does involve filling in a form which is usually only available in Russian. Full details of this process are on the next page.

Additional permissions

Now you have safely entered Tajikistan - unfortunately the bureaucratic requirements don't stop there.

If your stay in Tajikistan is longer than 72 hours, you must register with OVIR.

Those who wish to leave the city and head for the mountains must pay for some other taxes and licenses:

  • Ecological tax is USD $1/day spent outside the cities.
  • A trekking license costs USD $50/season.
  • A high-altitude license costs USD $100 (for ascents above 6,000 m).

Usually these taxes and licenses are administered by the tour company who you book with. If you are travelling independently, you can pay in Dushanbe or at some of the base camps in the mountains (e.g. Artuch base near Penjikent). The Ministry of the Environment does patrol the mountains and if they come across your group they will check that you have the necessary documents.

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