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Tajikistan Weather Forecasts

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Central Tajikistan (Karategin region)

Dushanbe (country capital)
Gharm (Karategin valley)
Nurek (Dam on the river Vakhsh; Tajikistan's biggest hydroelectric power station)

North Tajikistan (Sughd region)

Khujand (regional capital)
Isfara (near Kirgyz border)
Matcha (upper Zerafshan Valley)
Aini (crossroads in the Zerafshan Valley)
Artuch (base camp in the Fann Mountains)
Marguzor (the Seven Lakes)
Anzob Village (near Anzob Pass)

South Tajikistan (Khatlon region)

Kurghon-Teppa (regional capital)
Shaartuz (southern town close to Afghan border)
Panj (crossing point into Afghanistan)

The eastern Pamir region (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast)

Khorog (regional capital)
Fedchenko Glacier (long glacier leading to Peak Communism)
Anderob (south of Khorog)
Khas-Khorog (south of Khorog)
Ishkashim (mouth of the Wakhan river valley, crossing point into Afghanistan)
Namatgut (Wakhan corridor)
Langar (Wakhan corridor, crossing point into Afghanistan)
Yashikkul Lake (3,734 m)
Alichur (Kirgyz settlement on the Pamir Highway to Murghob)
Murghob (eastern city on the Pamir plateau close to China)
Ak-Baital Pass (4,655 m)
Karakul Lake (3,915 m)
Sary-Tash (Kirgyzstan)
Osh (Kirgyzstan)

Other locations

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