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Television Channels

Viewers in Tajikistan can receive the terrestial television broadcasts below. Some hotels also have satellite receivers.

Television coverage in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO) has always been patchy, but thanks to the installation of new television transmitters in 2003, 70% of the region's inhabitants can now receive Tajik and Russian television broadcasts. The plan is for the whole population to be able to receive television and radio by 2007.

Tajik language

The national channel is TVT (Television Tajikistan). There are also a number of local television channels around the country.

Abdujabbor Rakhmonov, chairman of the State Television and Radio Committee has announced that he intends to launch a second state television channel in spring 2004.

Russian language

The Russian channels ORT 1 and RTR are retransmitted across Tajikistan.

English language

TVT broadcasts local news in English on weekday mornings.

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