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Tajikistan's Currency - the Somoni

Tajikistan's new currency, the Somoni, was introduced on 30 October 2000 to replace the Tajik Rouble.

Bringing Money to Tajikistan

Tajikistan's unofficial currency is the US Dollar (USD). Euro (EUR) and Russian Roubles (RUB) are also accepted at most exchange points. Uzbek Sum and Kirgyz Som can be exchanged in some exchange kiosks in Dushanbe, Khujand, Penjikent and other border areas.

It is recommended that you bring money to Tajikistan as cash in US Dollars and/or Euros. US Dollar bills should be dated 1996 or later. Earlier versions of the US Dollar had fewer security features and will probably not be accepted. Bills should be clean, not marked, torn or worn looking.

Large denomination bills are most efficient to carry, but bring some smaller denominations for travel and personal exchange. Invest in a money belt that goes under your clothing. Travel with your money divided, so if some is stolen you don't lose it all.

Travellers' Cheques and Credit Cards

Travellers' Cheques are not accepted in Tajikistan.

It is possible to withdraw cash from ATMs in Dushanbe at the following locations:

  • Dushanbe Airport (arrival hall)
  • Hotel Tajikistan (24 hours)
  • Hotel Avesto
  • Central Department Store (Tsum)
  • Internet Café (opposite Rohat Tea House)
  • Agroinvest Bank Head Office

You can withdraw up to USD $200 per day using Visa or Mastercard. Charges are 2.5% if withdrawing US dollars and 1.5% if withdrawing Tajik Somoni.

Agroinvestbank will also allow cash withdrawals over the counter with a credit card. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus and STB Card. There are branches of Agroinvestbank in Dushanbe, Khujand and Qurghon-Teppa.

A (very) few local businesses accept payment by credit card. You should not rely on being able to pay with plastic.

Funds Transfer

There are branches of Western Union in several cities in Tajikistan, and it is possible to transfer up to USD $1,500 per person, per transaction, per day. You can search for the addresses of Western Union agents here.

It is possible to wire money to branches of Agroinvestbank. For amounts of up to USD $3,000 it is not necessary to open an account (non-commercial use only). It does take a few days (up to a week or so) for the transfer to complete.

Changing Money

Money can be safely changed at official change kiosks in city centres. The exchange rate is usually on display outside, but ask before changing anyway, as you will often be offered a slightly better rate if you do so.

Have the exact amount you want to change ready, rather than peeling a few notes off the top of a tempting wad. Count the Somoni that you receive before leaving the exchange kiosk. You may find it useful to carry a small calculator.

Near the entrances to bazaars you will also meet touts and moneychangers. It is illegal to change money with them and also risky - some are swift-handed con artists who can cheat the unsuspecting traveller. Bazaars are also notorious for pickpockets, who often operate in gangs. Beware.


Tips are not usually expected in Tajikistan. Some restaurants make a 10% service charge, which is added to your final bill.

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