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Adventure on the Roof of the World [Atlas Silk]


The world's greatest bureaucratic machine came tumbling down with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, but its spirit lives on. Before you can enjoy the natural beauty, hospitality and adventure that Tajikistan has to offer, there are a few hurdles to jump over ...

This section explains the rules and procedures for getting a Tajik visa. Almost everyone who visits Tajikistan will need a visa. The only exceptions are citizens of the CIS Customs Union member states (Russia, Belorus, Kazakstan and Kirghyzstan).

In 2003, Tajikistan introduced simplified procedures for visa support for citizens of the EU, USA and Japan, for tourist visas of up to one month. A visa support letter is still required, but it can be obtained more quickly than before.

Restricted areas

Note that some parts of Tajikistan are restricted and you will need extra permits (in addition to your visa) to travel there. If your itinerary takes you to Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO), you will need to get a GBAO Permit in addition to your visa.

Permission to visit Lake Sarez is given by the Ministry of Emergency Situations. However, in 2003 they introduced a policy not to issue permission to visit Sarez to tourists, only to scientists.

Some other areas require special permission to visit, e.g. Nurek Hydroelectric Power Station or Lake Zorkul. If you plan to visit any restricted areas you should mention this when applying for visa support. It may be possible to obtain permission after arrival in Tajikistan but this can take days or weeks.

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